Technology Startup without Technical co-founders – Ridiculous

November 9, 2012

It is amazing to see a large number of technology companies without a hands-on technical co-founder.  On face value, it appears you could outsource the job  or provide equity to an organization. I have however yet to see such a successful arrangement.

For non-technical founders, I recommend you bite the bullet and take time to find  the right technical co-founder.  It will make a difference to your startup!!


One Good Developer Short

October 28, 2012

Over the course of the last decade managing technology teams from startups to large organizations,  I have observed that in progressive organizations we are always one good developer short.  As we make progress, new initiatives are needed and one new good developer would always help.    The moral is to do your best to grab a good developer when we encounter one.

Entrepreneurs and Risk

October 2, 2012

Nice Article.

Startup critical need

September 9, 2012

Take time to read Michael Masterson’s Ready Fire Aim.

A lot of entrepreneurs spend a lot of their time on office space, beautiful web site design and other secondary & tertiary tasks.  If no one is going to buy what you want to sell, you’ve just wasted a bunch of money on a business that will never be.

This book reemphasizes the need for sales as the most important activity for a startup. I believe a startup will be out of business if they cannot generate sustainable sales within 12-18 months of starting.