Small case e-discovery

December 24, 2012

To effectively do it yourself for small cases, requires technical skills and aptitudes to run a multitude of tools and integrate them.  Who in e-
Discovery is trying to address this niche?


leveling the playing field for small law firms in E-Discovery

December 24, 2012

Salient points are:

  • Hammer out a phased discovery plan— Agree to limit initial collection efforts to the key custodians so that if initial efforts do not get what is needed, then a new, expanded phase of discovery can begin. This limits the scope of discovery without handcuffing parties later.
  • Limit the number of custodians — Not everyone involved in a given case will have a smoking gun email. Each custodian removed from the list can save time and expense in collecting data.
  • Limit the search terms — Too many search terms or terms that are too broad will produce too much ESI to process and review.

E-discovery for everybody

December 24, 2012

very nice article –

The vast majority of cases filed, developed and tried in the United States are not multi-million dollar dust ups between big companies. Solo and small firm counsel need affordable, user-friendly tools designed for ediscovery–tools that preserve metadata, offer efficient workflow and  handle the common file formats that account for nearly all of the ESI seen in day-to-day litigation.

The pieces with low cost or open solutions are there, though the integration falls short.  Sam Walton became the richest man of his era by selling to more for less. There’s a fast growing need…and a huge emerging market.