The two Real Enterprise Content Management Software Trends for 2014

April 22, 2014

1 –  Modern, Minimalistic, Intuitive User Interfaces

Customers have become accustomed to a Dropbox like user interface.  Enterprise systems need to catch up and build software that is intuitive and easy to use across all devices


2 – Value for Business

We need to imagine ECM software beyond managing data and minimizing risk. This should be inherent in the software.  We need to automate workflows.  Automating workflows includes eliminating unnecessary steps.  E.g. if there is no value in a person approving a document, we should not blindly automate this step simply because it is part of the current workflow.  We need to critically evaluate each step and think how to provide true value for expected objective.




Profitless Startups

April 12, 2014

Interesting article –

These startups do provide hope for aspiring entrepreneurs, challenges for the founders and employees and propels the innovation engine.  Don’t tax payers benefit when there is an uptick in innovation?