Usability and Design gain market traction

March 19, 2013

Users want simple and effective interfaces.  Without a simple interface, the application is made hard to use and will be harder sell.

You know your web application design is minimalistic & Effective when design is such that when it is used in mobile devices, the interaction with your app is simple .

Effective design is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to apply good design principles to cumbersome applications and capture market share

Democratization of Social Media Data

March 18, 2013

The state of North Carolina has made available to the general public more than 100k  social media records from selected North Carolina state agencies.

It is a live customer deployment available for others to play around with.  Anyone interested in social media archiving should certainly check it out.


My Startup Investment Philosophy

March 17, 2013

I recently started investing in Technology Startups in the Houston area.   I have developed a list of criteria important to me:

  1. Expertise to Guide – I would like to spend at least a few hours every week on the startups before I invest in the entrepreneur.  This would primarily be in guiding the founder & their team. My expertise is in delivering Enterprise SaaS to Enterprise customers.  This encompasses technologies related to Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics. Areas I can guide the entrepreneur include Technology selection,  Technology Strategy, Vendor Selection , Offshore Development Management, Software Delivery, Project execution and connections to other people who can assist the entrepreneur.  I am not interested in investing in startups led by entrepreneurs that don’t need or want my guidance.  I invest my money only after assisting the entrepreneur for several months to confirm that the entrepreneur has a need for my expertise.
  2. Action Orientation – The Entrepreneur should work fast, focused on securing customers developing the product in an iterative fashion.  I prefer speed of execution over a great idea.  Excuses from the entrepreneur for not moving fast is a red flag.
  3. Demonstrated Priority – Entrepreneur should be willing to sacrifice career to a good extent to accomplish Business goals. Priority is demonstrated by entrepreneur who puts money into his/her Business.  I need the entrepreneur to have put in at least $25,000 of his/her money in product development costs.  Prior to investing $25,000, the entrepreneur should not be seeking investment money from anybody.

Scaling Web Applications with NoSQL

March 16, 2013

The need to scale web applications in internet speed requires the auto-sharding and “no-schema” flexibility of NoSQL databases.

Good article from Couchbase describing need for NoSQL Databases  –

Future of Law Practice

March 12, 2013

Per the recent conference conducted by ReInvent Law Laboratory:

“It will be user-friendly and accessible via bright and fresh retail shops with the ambiance of Apple stores. It will be data-driven, with litigators turning to enormous databases capable of predicting results and guiding strategy. It will have the charm of an assembly line that parcels work out across time zones and specialties in structured processes certain to warm the hearts of project managers. And it will be beautiful. Imagine strings of case citations rendered as computer-generated graphics as appealing to the eye as they are to the analytical mind.”

Imaging walking into a Apple like store and getting legal services!!!

My favorite Information Governance Commandment

March 12, 2013

Check out Bhandari’s 10 commandments –

My favorite “To Have and to Hold is Good, but not til Death Us Do Part”

Recommendation is not to keep data indefinitely because storage is cheap. When you get into dispute the cheap storage suddenly becomes expensive since you might have to collect at source and have it reviewed by lawyers.   Vendors with Predictive coding technology have the foundation to build a solution for defensible deletion and reduce the volume at source.