Is openstack Linux of the cloud ?

September 10, 2012

Does Enterprises have a need for OpenStack

September 9, 2012

Any Enterprises using openstack?  What is your experience with it?

Startup critical need

September 9, 2012

Take time to read Michael Masterson’s Ready Fire Aim.

A lot of entrepreneurs spend a lot of their time on office space, beautiful web site design and other secondary & tertiary tasks.  If no one is going to buy what you want to sell, you’ve just wasted a bunch of money on a business that will never be.

This book reemphasizes the need for sales as the most important activity for a startup. I believe a startup will be out of business if they cannot generate sustainable sales within 12-18 months of starting.


Who is crunching data?

September 9, 2012

Who has the most web servers?

Cloud and Big Data

September 9, 2012

Cloud computing is a boon to big data. Paying by consumption destroys the barriers to entry that prohibit many organizations from playing with large datasets, because there’s no up-front investment. In many ways, big data gives clouds something to do.

Archiving large amounts of data

September 5, 2012

Check out Amazon Glacier

Allows you to save large amounts of data in the cloud – perfect for eDiscovery need

SOLR vs ElasticSearch

September 5, 2012

A more comprehensive comparison of solr and elastic search

SOLR or ElasticSearch

September 4, 2012

Good article comparing the 2 open source search server solutions built on top of Lucene.