First things first to extract value from Big Data

September 26, 2012

To avoid frustration, ensure there is sufficient focus on getting your big data infrastructure to perform optimally. The value of Big Data analysis will follow

Use machine learning without a PhD

September 26, 2012

Very interesting and something you should take any available data on a ride.

Can Hadoop run on VMs ?

September 24, 2012

See below a good perspective different from VMware marketing material.



MapReduce made easy to understand

September 23, 2012

solrmeter – Stress test tool for Apache Solr – Google Project Hosting

September 23, 2012

Stress test too specifically for solr

Guide: Solr performance tuning

September 23, 2012

Article talks about hardware and software tuning. Good start but additional focus on improved performance by sharding and tuning of shards would be helpful

SPM – Scalable Performance Monitoring

September 23, 2012

Another good tool