Better Big Data

May 21, 2012

Interesting Article –

Are you doing Big Data Analytics just because it is available and “cool”?

Is your data really better?

Any examples out there on Big Data Projects that did not yield expected returns?

Predictive Failure Analysis for Big Data Monitoring

May 21, 2012

See  for some of the vendors who provide solutions for Big Data Monitoring.

With the traditional monitoring solutions, vendors like BMC (with proactivenet), Netuitive, VMware (with acquisition of Integrien) were focused on identifying brownouts in advance.

Has any vendor in Big Data focused on this?  This is still important.  What happens if the current node is not performing optimally?  Should we not identify non-optimal performance and switch computing to better performing nodes & fine tune the slow performing nodes?


Random Sampling

May 21, 2012

Random sampling of data is critical to confirm accuracy of search results in E-Discovery applications.  Following article is a good description of the math behind sample calculations.  Prevalence of relevant documents is an important aspect of the calculations

Learning Big Data Analytics

May 19, 2012

Very good site for a self-paced study of Big Data Analytics

cluster like images

May 16, 2012

Interesting technology where they cluster like documents based on analysis of document images. –

Oracle Information Discovery Channel on YouTube

May 14, 2012

Oracle has a YouTube channel dedicated to their information discovery product.

Check it out