Business Process improvements with Predictive Coding

Following are some of the business process improvements that have occurred in the past couple of years on account of predictive coding technologies

  1. Acceleration of Review process – law firms are accelerating case development by prioritizing document review,  starting with documents with the highest relevancy scores, and then progressively working back
  2. Stratified Review Process – high-scoring documents might be assigned for review by senior reviewers, while low-scoring, low-potential documents will be reviewed by lower-cost contract reviewers. In so doing, the firm can balance risk and cost.
  3. Systematic QA in litigation process – Rather than doing a simple random test, predictive coding allows firm to compare the software’s relevance score against those of the human review. QA then focuses on the “discrepancy” documents, where the software and humans did not agree. This allows the firm to systemize the whole quality process.
  4. Predictive coding puts the “assessment” back into ECA by enabling users to zoom in on the most relevant documents and make informed assessments of the winnability and potential cost of the case

Any other business process that has been transformed with predictive coding?

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