Data Volume Estimates AND Conversions

In several cases, we have a need to get an estimate of approximate size.  Following is an approximate estimate of size based on data from multiple sources

Storage Estimates:
CD = 650 MB = 50,000 pages.
DVD = 4.7 GB = 350,000 pages.
DLT Tape = 40/80 GB = 3 to 6 Million pages.
Super DLT Tape = 60/120 GB = 4 to 9 Million pages.Page Estimates:
1 MB is about 75 pages.
1 GB is about 75,000 pages(pick-up truck full of documents).
Aver. pgs. per email: 1.5 (100,099 pages per GB).
Aver. pgs. per word document: 8 (64,782 pages per GB).
Aver. pgs. per spreadsheet: 50 (165,791 pages per GB).
Aver. pgs. per power point: 14 (17,552 pages per GB).Email File Estimates:
100 MB .PST file is 900 emails and 300 attachments.
400 MB .PST file is 3,500 emails and 1,200 attachments.
600 MB .PST file is 5,500 emails and 1,600 attachments.
A 1.00 GB .NSF file is 9,000 emails and 3,000 attachments.
A 1.5 GB .NSF file is 13,500 emails and 4,500 attachments.

Bits and Bytes Sizes:
8 bits are equal to 1 byte (one or two words).
1,024 bytes are equal to 1 kilobyte (KB).
1,024 kilobytes (KB) are equal to 1 megabyte (MB or Meg).
1,024 megabytes are equal to 1 gigabyte (GB or Gig) (truck full of paper).
1,024 gigabytes are equal to 1 terabyte (TB) (50,000 trees of paper).
1,024 terabytes are equal to 1 petabyte (PB) (250 Billion Pages of Text).
1,024 petabytes are equal to 1 exabytes (EB) (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes).


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  1. OV says:

    Good representative recokner…goes handy!

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